Key topics to be addressed at the Conference:

 1. Distribution in Eastern Europe: main difficulties for steel service centers and trading companies under the current circumstances; competition among themselves and with steel mills; working under new demands of customers.
 2.  Financial situation of Polish steel companies:
 a) How to solve financial problems of Polish companies?
 b) Consequences of VAT law changes for Polish steel companies (echo of 6-year battle)
 3.  Overproduction in Eastern Europe:
 a) When will the market balance recover? What will be the main driving factors behind it?
 b) Policy of main market players (mills, main distributors) to reorganize and to order Polish market.
4. Perspectives of Ukrainian suppliers in Eastern European market: influence on Eastern European mills (pricing and competitiveness, mainly in wire rod segment) and trade flow (who and how soon will replace Ukrainian suppliers).
a) Consequences of supply shortage from Ukraine (if there is any) in the segments of long products, flat products and semis.
b) The first reaction to ceased supply from Ukraine was nominal price increase in the region. Will this price increase become permanent in the long term?
c) How will the  trade flow structure change? Are there possibilities for increasing the capacity of local mills?
 5. Role of insurance companies in Polish steel industry and sense of their existence in the market (high cost of insurance, low margins on the market).


Ethics in steel business in Poland comparing to other markets – German, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, or Ukrainian.