International Steel Plate Conference

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- Hugo Wagner, CEO, Atlas-Blech-Center GmbH

Mr. Wagner says that 2013 was a tough and challenging year for the steel industry and for the steel distribution worldwide. He believes that in 2014 the situation in Central Europe will be stable compared to 2013, so 2014 will be more or less a copy of 2013.

The competition in Central Europe is fierce. The situation in the market depends very much on European policy regarding steel production in Europe. It also depends on whether the European automobile industry is successful in the world market.

Nevertheless, Atlas-Blech-Center is trying to increase sales, even in this tough enviroment. How and to what extent? Read the interview with Mr. Wagner to find out.

Key Topics and Discussion Points
Monday, 09 June 2014
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International Steel Plate Conference provides an opportunity for participants of the global steel plate market to meet and network with their colleagues from rolling mills, trading companies, service providers and end-users.

The Programme of the Conference will be centered around the following key topics (read more under the link):

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